Sony Ericsson – Experiential Branding

Every point of contact builds the brand. We are very excited to partner with the niche expertise of ‘Switch – Experiential Branding’ already enriching our 360 degree brand view. New Brand Media produced the creative for a recent Sony Ericsson event and shared the experience by delivering online video content to 150 selected Sony Ericsson staff.

Client: Sony Ericsson
Agency: New Brand Media
Art Direction: Jonathan Porter
Project Scope: Event Branding

Jonathan Porter - Designer

Jonathan Porter - Designer

Practised in managing multidisciplinary teams, strategic direction and development of an award-winning ‘Customer Experience Design Team’, Jonathan is the author of New Brand Media’s User-Centred Design methodology and brings an in-depth understanding of the branding, design and technology challenges facing enterprise-level clients today. Equally importantly, the exciting opportunities the connected web is creating for organisations, both large and small.

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