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Movio is the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management software working with leading cinema exhibitors, film distributors and studios.

Movio’s mission is to revolutionize the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers.

The Brief

An analyst at 20th Century Fox wants to be able to analyse how the audience for X- men Apocalypse (defined as the Target) compares with the aggregated audience (defined as the Benchmark) of the last three movies that featured X-men i.e. Deadpool, X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Wolverine.

The analyst is interested in 5 key audience metrics:

  • Frequency: On average how frequently people attend the cinema each month.
  • Recency: The average amount of months that have elapsed since people last attended a movie.
  • Box Office: On average how much people spend on tickets each month.
  • Age: Average age of the audience.
  • Gender: The male/female breakdown of the audience.

The analyst is expecting to be able to view a summary comparing the Target and the Benchmark figures. The analyst is also expecting to see the key metrics broken down and charted in a logical manner, expressing the differences between the Target and Benchmark.

Geoff The Analyst

User Persona 1

Geoff is an analyst with a background in mathematics, statistics and economics. He works daily with data, primarily in the form of spreadsheets, but also has experience with more sophisticated business intelligence tools such as SAS, R, or Tableau. Geoff spends a lot of time creating data-driven reports and presentations, so is used to looking at charts and graphs. It is common for Geoff to be working on multiple projects, so Geoff finds it important to quickly identify the relevant pieces of data and determine the best way to present this data to his stake holders.

Specific user requirements:

  • Frequently downloads dashboard data to feed into offline activities.
  • Dislikes over embellished charts and insights which lack context.
  • Is specifically required to report to management the differences between male and female film goers within predefined age brackets i.e. above and below 30 years old.
  • Prefers significant insights to be delivered as natural language insights.

Product Objectives

  • Fast clean and simple.
  • User should not have to do mental arithmetic to understand the differences between the Target and Benchmark.
  • Browser based product optimized for desktop usage.

Sketches & UX Goals



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