Niche Social Networks – Future Of Social Media?

Author: Ian McLellan

I’ve been a recent convert to Twitter, the endearing social phenomena, and found it very enjoyable if a little light on substance. For the uninitiated, you ‘tweet’ your friends (or followers as they are known) with short, (140 character) messages, informing others of your whereabouts, thoughts etc.

And that’s it. Nothing more.

There are various ways in which you can access Twitter, linking with Facebook etc. but it’s very simple.

It would seem, on first glance, that all bases are touched.

We have:
-MySpace for music
-Flickr for Photo’s
-IMDB for Movies
-Facebook for old friends
-Twitter for new ones
-LinkedIn for business


The thread running here is that there is nothing interest specific here. All these social networks have turned into multi-million dollar behemoths striding the internet like, enormous striding things.

Business needs to be agile to survive. An ability to move and adapt to the subtleties of human behaviour is paramount.

Can any of these big players quickly change their business model to suit the ever changing needs of users?

Not necessarily. So companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter will continue to try and diversify and become all-involving and endeavour to become the social media equivalent of a Tesco or Walmart.

There is a gap in the market and one that doesn’t compete directly with any of the big players.

Interest Specific Social Networks is the principle of tailoring the Social Media Network to the specific interest of the user. Creating an environment that understands the specific needs of the user. The little nuances that separate our communities.

The difference:

New Brand Media can work with you to tailor a Social Media Network that understands you, your business and your users. Our experience and design methodologies ensure that you have a cost effective solution for your social media strategy.

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