AutoProcess UX Case Study

Responsive, Transactional Insurance Applications

AutoProtect make it easy for automotive dealers and manufacturers to sell their insurance products across the globe through a technology platform they have developed called ‘AutoProcess’. This drives all client support applications, delivering powerful transactional and reporting functionalities and insightful information about sales force performance, product monthly sales figures, revenue totals and more. AutoProcess was in it’s second iteration when we were invited to examine the core platform UX, along with it’s client support apps.

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Agile UX

Autoprotect have a fantastic 25 strong team of full-stack developers and QA’s in their UK head office advancing multiple live client applications that support thousands of users across the world.

Our mission was to integrate various UX initiatives, ranging from smaller complaince changes to wholesale UX redesigns directly into their Agile development sprints, for the first time.

The AutoProcess Platform

As functionality and data capabilities had grown over the years, the various user interfaces struggled to handle the weight in terms of both data overload as well as performance.

A user centred design approach was needed to understand the different types of user. Interviews and the interrogation of report logs by user type enabled us to form personas and start to prioritise goals.

“A top-tier Group Manager who might be paid on the national performance of both Finance and Insurance (F&I) products had very different needs and motivations compared to a sales person more concerned with shifting metal.”

UI Design

We used this data to prototype experiments in stripping back the UI’s functionality, only surfacing timely and relevant data determined by the user level login and context.

Marvel helped us quickly develop our rough UI sketches into interactive prototypes that we could quicky test and iterate. As we learnt more and our confidence grew, we progressed to HTML/SCSS front-ends for more realistic A/B testing and eventual system integration.

“Everyone gets presented with the entire set of reports”

Persona Interview: Group Manager

A little Ethnography

“Sitting with the app support team enabled me to listen in and watch screen sharing sessions with end users. Being at the sharp end of the customer experience can be quite enlightening!”

Jonathan Porter, Lead UX Designer

Interviews with the App Support Team and analytics data showed increasing use of AutoProcess on tablets and mobiles as dealers took the sale to the customer on the forecourt.



UCD & Agile

Integrated User Centred Design practices into the dev teams agile sprints for the first time.


Designed and implemented the front-end of the core platform AutoProcess and client apps as fully responsive using selectve parts of Bootstrap.

Intelligent Brand Management

Modernised the UI development methodologies within the business, delivering transformational application branding capabilities by developing an intelligent Sass/SCSS front-end framework. This continues to significantly reduce both cost and time to market for onboarding new clients.

Mercedes-Benz Brand Approval

Worked directly with Mercedes-Benz to achieve brand approval of a first ever direct to consumer ecommerce product offering.

“Jonathan’s impact has really demonstrated the value of UX to the business as a whole”

Lesley coelho – IT Development Manager at AutoProtect

We thoroughly enjoyed our close relationship with AutoProtect. Working in the heart for their agile team and seeing the value of UX Design so appreciated was incredibly rewarding. To go on to help recruit and on-board the right talent for their own in-house UX discipline was equally so…



Practised in managing multidisciplinary teams, strategic direction and development of an award-winning ‘Customer Experience Design Team’, Jonathan is the author of New Brand Media’s User-Centred Design methodology and brings an in-depth understanding of the branding, design and technology challenges facing enterprise-level clients today. Equally importantly, the exciting opportunities the connected web is creating for organisations, both large and small.

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