Poll results: 50.4% of respondents maximise windows

Windows and Linux users maximise to a similar extent, while Mac
users are much less likely to maximise. I expected that, but I did
think fewer Mac users and more Windows users would maximise.

To make it easier to handle the large amounts of screen resolutions,
I have looked at width only, and consolidated almost similar widths.

Screen width Number Maximisers
800 6 3 (50%)
1024 167 122 (73%)
1152 17 12 (71%)
1280 617 374 (61%)
1400 167 63 (38%)
1600 128 60 (47%)
>1600 283 63 (22%)
Yes No
698 (50.4%) 687 (49.6%)

An even split.

OS Number Maximisers
Mac 440 89 (20%)
Windows 777 502 (65%)
Linux 165 106 (64%)
NetBSD 3 1 (33%)

At higher resolutions, the percentage of maximisers drops. I expected that.

I could show many more tables and charts, but that is all I have
time for right now. In case you feel like playing around with the data,
you are welcome to download the cleaned and consolidated CSV file.




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