Brand Experience Replaces Broadcasting

Online Communities And User Engagement
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I am having a bit of a ramble around the demise of mass media, why it happened in the first place and how our digital world is impacting on what we consume and how.

So I came across an interesting book by Lizabeth Cohen – Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Dept. History Harvard University. Entitled A Consumers’ Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America.

Cohen explains:

“a dynamic demand-driven economy provide the best route to recovery and affluence…”

“What I discovered was a shared understanding among many Americans, beginning right after World War II and lasting into the mid-1970s, that the best strategy for reconstructing the nation’s economy and reaffirming its democratic values lay with promoting the expansion of mass consumption.
Policy makers, business and labor leaders, along with many ordinary Americans put mass consumption at the center of their plans for a prosperous postwar nation.

Not only would a dynamic demand-driven economy provide the best route to recovery and affluence, but it would also, they hoped, nurture the long-sought ideal of a more egalitarian and democratic nation.

Citizens, living better than ever before, would be on an equal footing with their similarly prospering neighbors. So being a good citizen and a good consumer became intertwined.”

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